Our Winning Team.

We have the right people in place working toward the same goal – to help our members succeed.

We have a small but mighty team of bright, driven and passionate people who come to work every day to support our members’ businesses.

We are a dedicated and efficient team of industry professionals focused on your success.  

Our culture of responsiveness is ingrained in every person on the team. We get information or answers quickly to help members make informed purchasing decisions.

Our Business Development Team has years of industry knowledge and experience to help members succeed. They work tirelessly to help members reach their goals while navigating the ever-changing economic climate and advocating on every member’s behalf.

Our Accounting Team is dedicated to Transactional Excellence and to delivering the fasted rebate payouts in the industry to our members. When it comes to our industry, it’s essential that members receive billings from our vendors as accurately and timely as possible. We offer central billings and provide one single detailed statement with pride in our accuracy and speed.

Our Purchasing Team is dedicated to ensuring we deliver Competitive Programs to members every day. We strive to understand the markets in which you are a part of and work to keep you competitive in your local community. We ensure that member rebates are paid out accurately and timely.

The Marketing Team delivers on our promise to support our diverse group of independent members' success. We are dedicated to supporting our members by sharing your unique brand story in creative ways and helping to promote your chosen brand in your region. We can help connect you to your customers.

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Working for our members every day. So you can focus on what matters most – your business.

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