Time For A Change.

We work hard every day to earn your business and keep it.

We’re different than other buying groups. We believe that your strength lies in being an independent dealer and that you’ve built a brand that your customers trust.

That's why our energy and resources are focused on how to support your independent brand to achieve success on your terms.

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 Here’s what we do best

MEMBER ADVOCACY:  We Are On Your Side Every Day

We work with vendors to make sure our members get what they need.  Read More


We pride ourselves on providing accurate accounting, putting money back in your pocket faster than any other group.  Read More

COMPETITIVE PRICING:  We Are Driven by the Market

We negotiate strong, regionally competitive programs for all members.  Read More

STRONG TEAM:  We Are Here to Support You

We are a dedicated and efficient team of industry professionals focused on your success.  Read More

Why choose Sexton? So you can focus on what matters most – your business.

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