Dean Toews.

Business Development Manager British Columbia

Meeting the Unique Needs of the BC Market

Dean Toews thought he knew exactly what the job entailed when he started work as Sexton’s new Business Development Manager for British Columbia in September of 2021.

He expected to be dealing with vendors, solving supply issues for members in his region and recruiting new members. Then, two months later, the floods came. “We have a number of members who were impacted by the flooding in BC, so I had to check in on them regularly and make sure they were safe and had everything they needed to keep their businesses up and running,” recalls Toews. “I found out pretty quickly that my role has no set rules; your job is really to do whatever needs to be done at the time to help the member.”


Prior to joining Sexton, Dean spent the previous 13 years managing accounts across western Canada for a leading US-based insulation and gypsum manufacturer. “I was a one-man-band in western Canada for the company in the insulation segment, so I know the challenges our independent members face on a daily basis. The great thing about working with Sexton is that I’m really part of a whole team now.” The key to success in his new role, Dean believes, is to keep on learning. “As a member advocate, you can never know too much about your member’s business, their products, their industry or their market. The support I get from the Sexton team has been great in helping me improve my understanding.”

Dean says the great thing about working with Sexton is that he’s really part of a whole team now.

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