Taber Home & Farm Center

Unique markets, unique needs

Sexton members come in all shapes and sizes — and from many different markets.

One of the keys to success in business has always been “location, location, location”. But it is also true that the location of a given business, by necessity, will dictate what it takes for that business to be successful. In the case of Taber Home and Farm Center in Taber, Alberta, meeting the very specific needs of the regional clientele has driven growth since day one. “Being located in southern Alberta, a good deal of our focus has to be on products and materials essential to the agriculture sector,” explains general manager Mike Duell.

 “Our customers are mostly farmers, ranchers and professional contractors, with some DIY traffic thrown in as well.” To meet the needs of its unique customer base, Taber Home and Farm carries a wideranging product mix. On the agricultural side, the company offers ag-specific items like bulk seed, fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals, cardlock and bulk-delivery fuel and even rough-hewn posts for livestock fencing. At the same time, the company also carries typical construction and home renovation products and materials like framing lumber, windows and doors, paint, roofing, siding, kitchen and bath, electrical and plumbing, insulation and drywall, tools and hardware. “Crop storage and management is also important around here — potatoes, onions, corn — so we specialize in specific solutions for agricultural storage,” Mike adds. Founded in 1983, this former Co-op location is owned and operated by a shareholder group made up largely of local families. A Sexton member since 1993, Taber Home and Farm leaned heavily on the group when supply chain challenges impacted the market last year.

“The Sexton Program team provides us with a bi-weekly supply report that helps us anticipate potential problems with product supply and availability,” says Mike. “When some segments start to get tight, having that advanced notice allows us to secure supply for our customers down the road. It also helps that the group negotiates programs that allow us to stay supplied and they stay on top of that for us; if we had to deal with every supplier on a daily basis, we wouldn’t have time to run this place.” 

Taber is growing community of about 9,000 residents located about 50 kilometres east of Lethbridge. Using a fleet of eight delivery trucks, Taber Home and Farm’s 22 staff members serve a vast agricultural area that extends as far as 100 kilometres away. In addition to a large lumberyard and a 6,000-sq.-ft. retail store, the facilities include several dedicated warehouses for agricultural materials. Mike recognizes that a part of his growth and success is attributed to the support he gets from the Sexton Team.


The Sexton Program team provides us with a bi-weekly supply report that helps us anticipate potential problems with product supply and availability

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