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Sexton Group welcomes new international member, Habitat Confort.

January 07, 2022




WINNIPEG, MB, JANUARY 7, 2022 Eric Palmer, Vice President, and General Manager is pleased to announce new member, Habitat Confort SPM has joined Sexton Group! ! Habitat Confort SPM is a family business located on a small archipelago off of the coast of Newfoundland but belonging to France. Saint Pierre and Miquelon enjoys a specific and unique status as a French overseas territorial collectivity and is led by the President of the Territorial Council.  


Habitat Confort SPM, as an importer, has been serving residents of the archipelago since 2003, but the owners, the Detcheverrys, have been involved in many aspects of the building materials and construction industry since 1980, which has given the family extensive knowledge and experience that they now use in running their business. 


Habitat Confort SPM is primarily interested in building materials for structural and finishing work but also operates in areas such as hardware, interior fittings, and home décor. As a versatile and growing business, plans to build a second Habitat Confort SPM property complex that would allow it to double its sales and storage space. 


Habitat Confort is a family-owned and oriented business, with current owners , Pascal Detcheverry and wife Frederique, managing and operating the business themselves. Their sons, Nathan and Aymerick have already spent a significant amount of time learning the business to one day take over from their parents. 


Sexton group is thrilled to bring on Habitat Confort as a new member to the group. Much like Sexton, Habitat Confort is a family-owned business. We are happy to share that value with Habitat Confort and look forward to helping their business continue to thrive. We give a warm welcome to Pascal, Frederique, Nathan, and Aymerick. We look to working with you all,” says Palmer. 

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