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Impress your clients by turning their outdoor space into a sanctuary.

June 18, 2021

This is the second summer that most Canadians will be staycationing due to the ongoing pandemic. Homeowners will continue to look for ways to turn their outdoor spaces into a retreat to enjoy for years to come. Here are three top trends to consider when helping your client build their outdoor sanctuary:

1. Pergolas – Pergolas are a popular way to add shade and privacy to an outdoor patio or garden. Different materials can be used to build pergolas from cedar, treated wood, vinyl, fibreglass and more. There are pros and cons to using various materials, and the prices will be higher with wood products depending on your budget.  

One Canadian company specializing in modular pergolas is Toja Grid.  They have a simple approach to style and design, and their DIY Modular Pergola and Bracket system accommodates any size, space or budget with endless possibilities. You can get more ideas on their website.

Adding shade to pergolas is essential. Traditionally, live foliage has been used to create a green canopy with plants/vines like clematis, honeysuckle, grape, climbing rose, trumpet vine, black eyed susan vine, and Morning Glory. Canvas or fabric canopies are also popular with homeowners.

2. Don’t forget about the kids – Play structures continue to be in hot demand with homeowners during the summer months when kids are home. These aren’t the simple swing sets of the eighties. Today, play structures can be much more complex and extensive. A treehouse or playhouse is another excellent idea to keep kids busy outside. 

3. Raise a glass to the outdoor bar – Also known as pub sheds, home bars, backyard bars, outdoor pubs, or tiki hut. Bars are populating backyards and outdoor spaces everywhere. You can get creative with the materials you use to build the bar, depending on the budget. Popular materials include pallets, barrels, stone, reclaimed wood, resin, and metal. Get creative and have fun building a custom bar. Cheers!



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