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Swift Current Building Supplies Is Honouring the Past and Looking Forward to a Bright Future.

August 20, 2020

This year, Lindsay Mueller, who owned Swift Current Building Supplies, passed away, and his daughters, Marissa Wolfe, Kristie Mueller and Melissa Jensen, are committed to carrying on the family business into the third generation.

Marissa Wolfe, says, “Our grandfather, John Mueller, started the business in 1970. There were only three employees, and they worked out of a small 24x36 building on blocks with a few small outbuildings. Over the years, more land was purchased, more buildings were put up, and we evolved to 13 employees, 4000 sq feet of retail space, and 20,000 sq feet of cold storage.”

Swift Current Building Supplies began as a small business and has supported other small business owners in the community, which they plan to continue doing in the future. With the support of their loyal customers, they have grown from selling basic lumber to full-service lumber supplies and tools operation.

“Our dad, Lindsay, carried on the philosophy that our grandfather, John built; treat your customers and employees with respect and loyalty, and they will return the favour. Support your community, those around you and go the extra mile!” says Marissa.

The daughters are excited to continue to build Swift Current Building Supplies based on John’s original work ethic and philosophy but with their own plans and experiences to guide them.


“Initially, we put several measures in place to keep the customers and staff safe,” says Marissa. “We were fortunate that there was no slow down in business; if anything, we were busy as ever! The yard hands worked extra hard since the customers were not allowed into the actual yard, and the front desk staff were dealing with having a 10 hour day stuffed into 8 hours. Some days were very overwhelming. Don't worry- they took some holidays, and I think everyone has had some downtime to recuperate.” 

Products flying off the shelves

Swift Current Building Supplies anticipated a slow building year and scaled back bookings and orders considerably. “We were mistaken on this assumption that things would slow. When COVID hit, and people were off work, they came in droves to the lumberyard. Mostly homeowners but some contractor sales as well,” says Marissa.

 Products like decking, fencing and landscaping, siding, windows and doors are popular products that Swift Current Building is selling right now, which is not too different from other years, but they are experiencing much larger purchase volumes. 

Sexton Group contributes to success                                 

Marissa says, “The support and partnership Sexton Group has brought to our company has been a large contributor to our success. The purchasing power of the buying group is key to keeping our prices and margins low in the age of big-box stores and online purchasing. We can forward those discounts to our customers to build and maintain relationships for many years to come. They have also supported the company in regards to building and maintaining good relations with our suppliers.”

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