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Glenora Lumber - A Family Business Since 1960.

September 03, 2020

In February, we celebrate Family Day and many of our members also run successful family-owned businesses, like Kerry Connelly and Jamie Emin at Glenora Lumber in Edmonton. Established in 1960, this third-generation family business has seen many changes over the years but continues to thrive in its market. 

Kerry shares her thoughts in this interview on what makes a family-owned business unique.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a family-owned business?

Kerry: I have the opportunity to work with and collaborate with people whom I trust and care about, and that is so rewarding. Glenora’s success today can be attributed to its people.  We all have played an integral role in our success. Our particular business has a flat organizational structure so we are competent in many areas. This allows us to be agile, resilient, and passionate about what we do every day.

We are united in our purpose and share pride in our history, gratitude for the sacrifices and efforts before us. We are committed and driven to continue the legacy for future generations. 

What changes have you seen over the years? What challenges have you overcome? 


Kerry: There have been several changes in our industry, for example, the introduction of the big boxes to Amazon and Wayfair. Customers are more knowledgeable in their selections, often having information in the palm of their hands. Technology has granted access to ideas, trends and comparisons. As a result, the scope of products available has increased with options, for example, green products as customers are conscious of the environment. Differentiating ourselves from our competitors and striving to be service-driven has enabled us to earn business not based solely on price. 


Any advice for other family businesses out there? 


Kerry: Cultivate relationships with your staff, clients and vendors. The value in that is immense.

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