Sika Canada

Sexton Supplier.

Sika offers a complete range of construction and landscaping products, including the renowned Sakrete products, perfectly suited to the needs of homeowners and contractors.

  • Sealants & Construction Adhesives
  • Concrete Repair and Maintenance Solutions
  • Sakrete Pre-Packaged Concrete and Mortars
  • Anchoring Adhesives
  • Cementitious Floor Levellers
  • Concrete, Masonry and Stone Sealers
  • Insulation Foams
  • Post Fence and Deck Installation Foams
  • Asphalt Repair Products
  • Bedding Aggregate and Polymeric Sand Filler for Concrete and Brick Pavers
  • Warehousing/Shipping: Pointe-Claire/Boisbriand (QC), Brantford (ON), Edmonton (AB), Surrey (BC).
  • Warehousing/Shipping: Pointe-Claire/Boisbriand (QC), Brantford (ON) 

For more information:

Asphalt Repair & Landscaping Products

Did you know that Sika offered asphalt repair and landscaping materials? Discover Sika solutions to repair your driveway or built your terrace next summer! More info here. 

Concrete & Masonry Repair Products

Sika’s range of products for concrete repair is ideal for all types of repairs around the house. Fix damaged or cracked concrete like a pro with Sika solutions!  More info here.

Sealing & Bonding

Sika’s range of pro grade, multi-purpose adhesives and sealant exhibit superior adhesion to most building materials while still maintaining flexibility, no matter the season. More info here.

Flooring Levellers

Level new floors or renovate old ones with confidence using Sika® Level self-levelling cementitions underlayment systems. More info here.

Insulation & Weather Sealing

Discover a complete range of polyurethane expansive foams for door & window installation, insulation & weather sealing, fire-blocking applications. More info here.