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Sika / King - Sakrete

King Residential Products, now called Sika Residential, offers professional quality, bagged, easy-to-use concrete and other construction products. Our King and Sakrete brand products are designed for D-I-Y and contractor-based home repair and improvement projects. 

Sakrete is the original brand of dry cement mix in North America and is a leader in concrete and related building products. Founded in 1936, Sakrete offers a wide variety of products such as high-strength concrete mixes, masonry mortars, stone veneer mortars, polymer sands for paving applications and much more. Sakrete was the first manufacturer to offer pre-mixed bagged concrete mixes and the first to supply concrete mixes specified by strength, not proportion.

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Asphalt Repair & Landscaping Products

The Homeowner Essentials: Asphalt repair materials for your driveway, sands & gravels for landscaping applications, and ice melting & traction products for winter. More info here.

Concrete & Masonry Repair Products

Tackle any project around the house with Sakrete mortars, grouts, crack repair & chemical anchoring solutions, concrete additive and much more! More info here.

Forming Tubes & Accessories

Construction accessories such as forming tubes, backer rods, and expansion joints for concrete works are available from the Sakrete range. More info here.

Sealing & Bonding

Discover Sakrete's sealing and bonding solutions featuring construction sealants and adhesives for your home projects. More info here.

Flooring Levelers

Use Sakrete self-levelling cementitions underlayment for interior floor levelling applications on concrete, plywood and other approved surfaces. More info here.

Concrete, Cement & Masonry

A complete range of pre-packaged mortars, along with masonry and concrete mixes at your disposal for your masonry projects, be they repairs or new constructions! More info here.

Concrete Waterproofing Products

Discover Sakrete solutions for concrete/ masonry waterproofing and protection : Protective coatings, surface-applied waterproofing treatments and quick setting materials for emergency repairs. More info here.