Goodfellow Inc.

Sexton Supplier.

Goodfellow is a wholesaler and distributor of wood and wood by-products with headquarters located in Delson, Québec. We have wood treating facilities and offer a full inventory of exterior siding, flooring, plywood, treated wood and prefabricated products as well as a broad range of hardwood, softwood and exotic woods.

Our Mission

Goodfellow has long been the leader in the processing and distribution of Exotic Woods, Douglas Fir, Construction Timber, Cedar, Pine and Hardwoods. We distribute a wide range of flooring, siding and decking products. Our line also includes pressure-treated lumber, glue-laminated wood beam structures, wood sidings, and a complete range of plywood and speciality wood panels. We also distribute a variety of wood and construction related products.

Goodfellow provides custom orders prepared in our own remanufacturing plants, assuring rapid “Just in Time” deliveries throughout North America.At Goodfellow, we are “The Wood Specialists”. Our ability to adapt to customer needs has earned us a reputation as an outstanding wood product source. Our expertise and flexibility has resulted in solid working relationships with our customers. Every stage of processing raw wood into quality lumber products is strictly controlled. Selection, drying, processing, pressure treating, packaging and delivery. We monitor every phase to meet our customers’ needs. The combination of our financial strength, our technical expertise, and our capability in inventory management within the supply chain allows us to efficiently meet the exacting demands of our customers.