ACE Canada Strategic Alliance.

Sexton’s strategic alliance with ACE Canada offers even more advantages to our members.

Sexton Group entered into a strategic alliance with ACE Canada, and the agreement begins January 1, 2021. At the core of our companies’ new alliance is a joint supply agreement between two proudly Canadian companies, each with our own distinct offerings and expertise. This agreement provides Sexton members who choose to take advantage of what the alliance can offer access to expanded and improved product selection, distribution and other services.

ACE_Sundre AB 

Why Ace Canada?

2 Proud Canadian Companies Committed to Serving Independant Members Across Canada

In preliminary conversations with Ace Canada, we realized we have a lot of similarities. Both companies are strong and stable, are family-owned and have similar values. Both companies have experienced significant growth and share a desire to continue the growth trajectory. We believe that this alliance gives us access to the most innovative distribution retailer in the Building Supply Industry to serve our members better. We are stronger together than apart.

Benefits of the alliance

We believe that this alliance benefits Sexton members by providing access to a recognized banner program with national distribution solutions. It also provides a professional training program through ACE international. The benefit of increased members through the alliance means we have increased volume and an advantage when sitting at the negotiation table with vendors to deliver beyond market competitive programs to our members.

We will continue to service and supply all building materials for Sexton members. 

If you have any questions regarding the Ace Canada strategic alliance, please contact us.


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