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Hear what Gary Fletcher from Trail Building Supplies in Edmonton, Alberta has to say about being a part of SEXTON GROUP

Why did we not change sooner? In 2008 we decided to become both an ACE banner store while becoming a Sexton Group member. The ACE banner offered name brand recognition, private label products and merchandising that has helped differentiate my business from other retailers. In addition, Sexton Group offered an open relationship that allowed me to be the boss. Sexton allows me to remain completely independent, while benefiting from the group's buying power and greater vendor access. In short, Sexton was a simple and easy switch that has increased my bottom line. We should have made the move years ago.
Frank and Anna VanGelder
Dwight Lumber & Building Supply
In 2005 we, Harry and Debra Laurent, purchased Arcola Lumberyard in Arcola, Saskatchewan, renaming it Arcola Building Supplies (2005) Ltd. It was a small business housed within 2,000 square feet. We had a vision of growing the business, which included building a new store and attracting and serving a larger trading area. As private owners we had the creative freedom to choose how we would do that and who would help us achieve our goal. We were happy to have the support of the staff of the Sexton Group Ltd.

In 2007, we started planning our new store and the Sexton Group’s knowledge and insight exceeded our expectations. We had to focus our time and attention on the process of building, which did not worry us as we had a reputable group looking out for our interests. Working alongside us was the staff of the Sexton Group, continuing to make supply arrangements with a variety of programs that would benefit our growing business. The end result, a 6,400 square foot store and 5,000 square foot drive through on 2 ½ acres with highway yard access.

Sexton Group offers us building material and hardware supply arrangements that help us secure buying power that makes it possible for us to offer our customers what they are looking for. Working with Sexton we continue to reach our goal – a profitable small town lumberyard with a big city feel.
Harry and Debra Laurent
Arcola Building Supplies (2005) Ltd.
We are often asked “How does one little store compete with the box stores of the world?” We compete with the help of the Sexton Group and all of the members extending from Atlantic Canada to British Columbia and the Territories.

As an independent owner, I am very happy with the support I receive from the Sexton Group. In my view, the Sexton Group is very efficient at outperforming any buying group in dollar volume of purchases per employee.
Lowell Grasse
Grasse Lumber Sales Ltd.
In 1970 Dad and Mom (John and Norma Mueller) bought a small, half acre yard in Swift Current. A couple of small out buildings, a 24 x 32 cabin on blocks for an office and enough lumber to half fill a three ton flat deck was the beginning. He said later that for the first three days the phone didn't ring once. After many years in the business Dad left behind a legacy to be envied. Sadly, Dad passed away in March of 2011.

Great relationships with suppliers and dealing one on one with customers has been a key to our success. In 1992 we became a member of the Sexton Group Ltd and ever since, our relationship has been very beneficial to our business with the increased buying power and special buys that are offered. Needless to say, with a lot of hard work, long hours and the help of the Sexton Group the business has become a success.

Swift Current and the surrounding southwest part of the province have a very vibrant economy and the outlook for continued good business is strong. My staff and I hope to continue the high standards of service that my dad was long known for.
Lindsay Mueller
Swift Current Building Supplies (1970) Ltd.
I have been a member of the Sexton Group for over 20 years and I appreciate everything they do for me as an independent business owner. When I have an issue they are there to work through it with me and the support in the field I receive is immediate.

The Sexton Group has allowed me to remain independent with the support of the group behind me to help grow my business.
Kal Kang
A-1 Building Supplies Ltd.
Sexton Group Ltd