Big Changes for Sexton Group in 2016

January 1st Sexton Group launched its new state of the art IT System.  Accounting Manager Krista Venn indicated “This is the culmination of three years of development and preparation.  While change of this magnitude is challenging we are happy with the launch.  The combination of SAP and LBMX technologies have created an IT platform that will serve our Members well for years to come.”

The first quarter of 2016 saw 10 new Members join Sexton Group, with a number lined up to join in the coming months. President Steve Buckle stated “We are pleased that Building Supply Dealers continue to see value in joining Sexton Group. We are particularly enthused by the addition of 4 dealers in Eastern Canada where we are working hard to build our Membership base.”

In early spring, the Sexton Group invited over 350 of our vendor representatives in Moncton, New Brunswick and Toronto, Ontario to learn more about the Sexton Group and its Eastern Canada based Members.  “Local Sales representation is very important to our Membership and we want to encourage Suppliers to visit our Members and build the business together. We are keeping in touch with these representatives through e-mail and social media.“ said Joe Collerone Director of Marketing.

The Vendor Sales Representative Meeting made it clear that Sexton Group is ambitious for continued growth with its Members and Suppliers.  This is best achieved when our Suppliers and Members are well connected at the local level. The Group sees fostering this connection as one its key responsibilities.

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