Sexton eNewsletterThe eNewsletter is a monthly newsletter that is sent out to contractors and businesses in the building materials industry. All of our members have the opportunity to customize the newsletter to their business by promoting the products they carry, listing business events, specials and tool tips. Sexton Group Ltd provides this as a free service to our members so they can promote supplier products and help drive business to their location. Store reports, In the News, Build Your Business, and Product Information are just a few of the sections that are part of the E-Newsletter.

For more information on the eNewsletter please contact the Sexton marketing group.

December – 2013 eNews

Renovation and Small Upgrades…… With the holidays fast approaching, home owners start looking at renovations and small upgrades to get their homes ready for the holidays and for the New Year. Did you know your local building materials dealer can supply you with more ...READ MORE

November – 2013 eNews

Ready for Winter… The snow will fly soon enough and with that comes ice. Have you got your ice melt products to combat the icy conditions? Garage door maintenance is sometimes overlooked but it can be a very important step in keeping your house ...READ MORE

October 2013 – eNews

October can be a busy month with Thanksgiving, Halloween and fall clean up! Fall can be one of the busiest seasons for homeowners. With winter around the corner, finishing outdoor projects and finalizing any exterior work becomes a priority — to keep your home ...READ MORE

September 2013 – eNews

Let’s talk Doors!  A very important part of the exterior and interior of your home. First impressions are important, so choosing a door can be a difficult task. There is a wide variety of door styles to choose from and each one can change ...READ MORE

August 2013 – Sexton eNews

Let’s look at interiors: Flooring – What to choose? There are so many options — hardwood, laminate, cork, tile, carpet. Insulation – There are many varieties of insulation — Walls, windows, doors, attics and basements have different needs but it’s important to insulate them ...READ MORE

July 2013 – Sexton eNews

Outdoor living Making your backyard an extension of your home is a trend that has been growing steadily. Your outdoor investment is just as important as the interior of your home. Exterior investment will also increase the value of your home. Whether you use ...READ MORE

June 2013 – Sexton eNews

Sexton Group News:  Waterproofing your house June is upon us and we are halfway through the year. Father’s Day is on the 16th and the end of June brings about the end of another school year. Projects are in full swing due to the ...READ MORE

May 2013 – Sexton eNews

The first quarter of the year has come and gone, spring and summer stock is fast arriving and we are now heading into exterior renovations, new builds, landscaping and so much more. It’s the time of year for everyone to get out from under ...READ MORE

April 2013 – Sexton eNews

Well the first day of spring came and went, and most of Canada was covered in snow! After the winter we’ve had it will be time to check the exterior of our homes and see how they’ve weathered through. How is your roof? What ...READ MORE

March 2013 – Sexton eNews

We’ve just endured a long, cold winter – how is your deck? Got some rotten boards? Does it need a fresh coat of paint? Splinters and dry boards need replacement? A cozy deck with benches and planters, an elaborate outdoor kitchen, a secluded conversation ...READ MORE
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