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4 reno trends for 2019 and beyond

Reno trends come and go, but some continue to be popular with clients for years. Here are the top 4 trends you can count on to stick around for the foreseeable future. Open concept layouts Open concept renovations continue to be popular with homeowners. ...READ MORE

Create the ideal outdoor sanctuary for your client

More homeowners are looking to expand their living areas by creating outdoor living spaces to entertain or just to relax and enjoy. Depending on your client’s budget and yard size, there are unlimited options available to them no matter the scale or price.   ...READ MORE

Do you know your health and safety responsibilities? 

Whether you are working alone, or have a crew working with you on a job site, it’s important to know what your safety responsibilities are. Employer safety checklist As an employer, you are legally responsible to: Take necessary precautions to ensure safety, health and ...READ MORE

Now Hiring: Tips to find the right people

Over the years you’ve worked hard to build your reputation and increase your client base. When you are looking to hire someone to represent your business, you are essentially trusting them with your reputation, and that’s why it’s critical to hire the right person. Hiring someone with the skills, values and ...READ MORE

The future is green: Millennials demand environmentally-friendly building products

In honour of Earth Day this month, we’re featuring eco-conscious products that you can offer your clients on your next project. Today’s consumers do a lot of research on products before they start renovations or build new homes, so it’s important to be informed ...READ MORE

Top 3 tips to prevent mould in your client’s home

Mould is a dirty word that most of us cringe at when we think about it. No one wants it on their food, let alone in their homes! Mould spreads quickly and is extremely dangerous to our health, causing numerous illnesses. Health Canada says ...READ MORE

 2019 Colour trends to refresh your client’s home 

It’s amazing how a different colour can dramatically change the look of a home, whether it’s new siding or indoor paint. With housing starts predicted to be down in 2019, renos will be heating up and your clients will want to invest in their ...READ MORE

Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for Contractors

We all have good intentions Jan. 1, but every year millions of people make and break their New Year’s resolutions by February according to numerous surveys. So, what’s the key to keeping resolutions? By making them attainable and realistic. As a contractor, here are ...READ MORE

Magically transform your client’s home for Christmas 

Top 2 reno ideas With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to help your client tackle their home reno so they can dazzle their in-laws and impress their friends. If your client is looking to make an impact, but doesn’t have ...READ MORE

Three ways to put green into your next home renovation project 

A decade ago, energy-efficient homes were still niche. Today, sustainable building supplies have moved into the mainstream. What does green look like for your customers? Here are three easy ways to save the environment, while saving your clients money in the long run. Add ...READ MORE
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