Group Benefits

No Membership Fees.  No Mark-ups. No Long-Term Contracts. No Kidding. The Sexton Group is dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on quality brand-name products.

  • Access to hundreds of leading building materials and hardlines manufacturers and distributors at costs that will keep you competitive and increase your profits.
  • Sexton Members can rely on our team of seasoned business professionals to support your ambitions every step of the way.
  • Sexton Group Ltd allows you to be the boss and retain your independence and control over the direction of your company.
  • Sexton Group Ltd believes that your business is the banner and the brand in your local market.
  • Supplier advertising funds are made available directly to your business to support and increase the equity of your brand.
  • Through Sexton Group Ltd led member conferences and meetings you will build important business and personal relationships that will last a lifetime.

Link up with us and discover a whole new world of unique buying opportunities, where there are no surprise charges, fees, or long-term contracts.

Let us introduce you to our preferred suppliers, through Sexton Group Ltd’s Direct Purchasing programs; it’s the difference you’ve been searching for.

“We really believe that the diversity of our membership is a strength, in that a member focused on a specific market becomes a powerful resource for other members to learn from and tap into to develop their own business.”

Steve Buckle
Tel:  (800)665-9209


Sexton Group Ltd