Sexton Advantages

The Sexton Group is built on our four pillars.

  • Member Advocacy – Quick action regarding any vendor/member issues
  • Transactional Excellence – Accurate accounting and speedy rebate payments
  • Competitive Pricing – A competitive advantage in your market
  • Your Team – Experienced industry professionals focused on your success

The Sexton Group is dedicated to bringing our independent members the best and most competitive programs in their local markets. We do this through the buying power of over 400 members across Canada, and our negotiation team made up of top industry experts.

No contracts – We never ask you to sign a contract that locks you into our buying group. Instead, we work hard every day to earn your business and keep it.

Fast rebates – Our members receive their full rebates from vendors as quickly as possible rapidly. In fact, we are the fastest in the industry to pay our members’ rebates. We provide centrally billed invoices, a single statement and a rebate at the end of the month.

Problem Solving – We help navigate and solve problems for our members. Our team has years of experience building trusted relationships with national suppliers and we advocate for our members if issues arise.


“We believe that the diversity of our membership is a key strength. Partnering with the best independent lumber yards, specialty dealers, manufacture structure accounts, and gypsum specialty dealers allows us to gain market intel by customer segment and region. The market intelligence, along with our negotiating team, positions Sexton Members to compete and win jobs in their local market.”


Eric Palmer
General Manager
Tel:  (800)665-9209


Sexton Group Ltd