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Hear what Gary Fletcher from Trail Building Supplies in Edmonton, Alberta has to say about being a part of SEXTON GROUP

In terms of helping us out with our suppliers, Steve Buckle at Sexton has played a key roll over the years. We've been working on a large-scale project that has run into unfortunate construction delays. Over the extended course of the project we faced several pricing challenges. Luckily Steve was there to step in and go to bat for us with our suppliers to help us through the challenges. That's a lot to ask of Steve on a long-term project, but it's crucial to our bottom line, especially in an unstable supply market.
Mark Lendrum
Nor-Ont Supply
UFA is one of Canada's largest co-operatives servicing rural Alberta. Agriculture is something we take great pride in and providing that service to the rural market is key. We are very focused on connecting with our dealers and providing quality products and service.
Dan Craik, UFA Cooperative Ltd
NEW ORLEANS. Nadine and I would like to take a moment to thank all of the Sexton team for the lovely time we had in New Orleans at the member conference. It was a memorable experience for us. As new members, this was our first member conference with the Sexton Group members and it was an invaluable experience for us. From packages received before the adventure, to flights, to activities, to dinners, to buses, to hotel, to conventions, to meetings, to Mardi Gras world and so on…everything ran smoothly and was a huge success. We were very impressed with the Sexton Group and the vendors that participated.

By the end of the week, we learned what the Sexton Group was really about and who Sexton is. It’s a family. It’s a relationship. We were able to feel the sense of being part of one big family reunion. Everybody was talking to each other, sharing information about business, trips, activities and negotiating with vendors. The vendors were extremely helpful throughout the convention and they played a major role at this member conference. A special thanks to them as well.

Being part of the members meeting provided us with some very useful information that will help us to be more profitable. We are ready to do more business with Sexton Group and their vendors for 2013. Supreme Homes will greatly contribute to the advancement of the Sexton Group as they will do for us as well. It's surely a mutual relationship.

We are looking forward to the next member conference and would recommend attending to all Sexton members.
Daniel & Nadine Comeau – New Orleans Testimonial
Maisons Supremes
Trail Building Supplies Ltd. has always prided itself on being an industry leader. In 2011 Trail Building Supplies started a pre-fabrication supply and install framing service for our customers. In our 10,000 sf indoor prefab facility, the interior and exterior walls are assembled using the latest engineering software to align the wall system with the engineered floor and roof systems. Once assembled, the walls are transported to the jobsite, and then our staff of framers installs the engineered floor, prefab walls and roof trusses on the builder’s foundation. Thus the builder’s site cycle time onsite is reduced, increasing the number of houses the builder can sell. In these changing times we all need to evaluate the core of our business and we should look to the Sexton Group Ltd and it members for their knowledge and experience.
Gary Fletcher
Trail Building Supplies Ltd.
"We made the decision to join the Sexton Group to benefit from the combined buying power of over 1000 retail sales locations across Canada. In addition, Sexton provides market information that truly benefits our bottom line while having a one to one working relationship that we find to be helpful and cooperative. In the end, we remain independent while benefiting from the strength of the group.“
John Beeke
Niagara Prehung Doors
Sexton Group Ltd