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Hear what Gary Fletcher from Trail Building Supplies in Edmonton, Alberta has to say about being a part of SEXTON GROUP

“Sexton has been phenomenal working with us to meet the specific needs of our business, which are pretty complex. For us, making sure we’re getting the right term discounts and rebates in a competitive market is really important. Sexton’s accounting team provides us with detailed statements, and even modifies statements to the way we need to see them. We had issues reconciling individual statements from multiple vendors, so we worked with Sexton to generate single statements for each of our branches. It was very impressive; our Accounts Payable department is very happy with Sexton.”
Christine Moore
Nelson Lumber Company Ltd.
GAINING THE EDGE. "Price competition is the name of the game in our business, so we need every edge we can get when it comes to purchasing. We feel Sexton is a good fit for us because their commodity buying power and experience is tailored to our type of business. It would be a lot more difficult to be competitive without Sexton's volume; it gives us a distinct advantage for all the products we sell."

Dave Pratt - TARPIN LUMBER, Innisfil, Ontario
Dave Pratt
Tarpin Lumber
“We have carved out a niche in our market by focusing on carrying higher grade lumber and specializing in interior finishing materials, like moulding, construction-grade stairs and pre-hung doors. In our market, we differentiate ourselves by staying competitive on price while providing that extra level of quality and service; Sexton helps us do that"

Kerry Connelly
Kerry Connelly & Jamie Emin - Glenora Lumber, Edmonton, Alberta
MAKING CONNECTIONS “The Sexton office helps us make connections with suppliers and negotiates buying programs for us. I believe working through the buying group provides the product manufacturer with better access to the dealer and gives suppliers a better understanding of the dealer’s needs. Because of that, Sexton is able to negotiate programs that are beneficial to both the retailer and the manufacturer.

It’s essential for us to maintain inventory levels so that we always have what our customers need when they need it. When we encounter inventory problems, the Sexton team will get involved and help work things out for us. Solving the issue is often as simple as the supplier getting back to the Sexton office. And depending on what the issue is, the response time from Sexton is within the same day or the next business day.”

Gary Fletcher
General Manager, Trail Building Supplies
COMMODITY WOOD INSIGHTS. The information and feedback that we get from the Sexton Commodity Wood Council is critical. It allows us to find out exactly what’s happening in the wood industry and how changes in the market impact our business. Rick Royce’s knowledge of the industry and his insights into factors affecting the Canadian market are far more extensive than what we could obtain independently. Rick and the Wood Council provide us with the best market intelligence in the business. And when you factor in their strong negotiation skills, we can be sure our store is providing our customers and contractors with competitively priced wood products that meet their needs.
Gerry Thiessen
EG Penner
Sexton Group Ltd