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Hardware Merchandising 2012

Sexton Group Announces LBM and Hardlines Procurement Changes; Formation of BYCO The Sexton Group Ltd. has left the ILDC buying group. Its departure was effective June 20, 2012. “We understand that our departure from ILDC represents a large and sudden change and are appreciative ...READ MORE

Hardlines – Who’s Who in Home Improvement Retailing

Hardlines – 2012 Second Quarter: The top 20 home improvement retailers go to market in different ways and carve niches that keep them competitive – yet they all share a sharp focus on continuous improvement and innovation. Read Full News Story (PDF 1MB).

Hardlines – Sexton General Manager Expects Stronger 2011

Hardlines – 2011 Second Quarter: Steve Buckle is optimistic about the year ahead for the independents in the Sexton Group.